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Marketing Sherpa released a new chart earlier this week detailing responses from marketers regarding how their budget will be changing in 2011.

As you can see from the chart above, online marketing efforts are gaining most of the budget increases over 2010, while more ‘traditional’ marketing is largely being decreased.

My gut reaction is that medical marketing budgets still lag behind this trend, even in 2011. With the dearth of FDA guidance on social media (still not released as of late January even though it was promised by the FDA by the end of 2010) it’s understandable that most medical companies are leery of jumping into the social media pool. But I wonder if medical marketers are hitting these other online marketing techniques very hard? Medical marketing as a whole still seems solidly entrenched in things like print ads, brochures and highly technical white papers.

Other than a few companies embracing social media, most are barely putting in a toe, and email, SEO and interactive, informative websites don’t seem to be very prevalent either.

What are your thoughts on this? Is your company putting more budgetary funds toward online marketing? Is it still viewed with suspicion?

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