Happy Friday!

What better way to spend a Friday afternoon than doing a little light reading? Let it percolate over the weekend and by Monday you’ll be fresh and full of new ideas.

Here is a short list of just a few of the blogs I read most often to keep up to date, hear what people are talking about, learn  new trends and how to apply them, get the latest industry chatter, and generally keep my creativity well nice and full.

B2B Marketing Blogs

Great for staying up to date as a marketer, gathering ideas on how to utilize the newest trends in B2B marketing, brushing up on basics and keeping yourself current in the marketing industry.

Social Media Examiner: For the latest and greatest in social media, tips from the experts, tons of “How-To” articles on everything social media, video interviews and more. This blog is only a year old, but it’s already one of the top rated blogs in the blogosphere with a huge readership. If you have questions on any kind of social media from making a winning Facebook page to managing online reputation to how to set up and succeed with a business blog, this is the place to start

Junta42: Written by an old colleague of mine from Penton Media, Joe Pulizzi is the author of Get Content, Get Customers and founder of Juna42 – a content matching site. The Junta42 blog is chock full of everything you need to know about content marketing and how to use your company’s knowledge to build a loyal, profitable customer base.

Start With A Lead: Brian Carrol is the author of Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and Great blog for all things B2B marketing including: direct mail, online efforts, integrating marketing and sales,  ROI measurement, effective CRM and anything else focused on making you a great marketer.

Medical Marketing-Specific Blogs

The best one is, of course, this one! But here are a few more that I visit.

Mass Device Marketing Mavens Blog: Mass Device is focused on New England, but this marketing blog has good information for medical device marketers anywhere.

Forma Life Sciences Blog: This is an interesting blog talking about marketing as it relates to life sciences companies.  Some basics, some trends, all from the perspective of life sciences marketers.

MDDI Online Blogs: Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry magazine’s online blog list. A few choices here – pick the ones that are most useful to you.

What blogs do you frequent? What have I missed? Please share so we can all check them out.

Next week I’ll outline some of my favorite sources for gathering new trends in the industry, both general marketing and medical-specific. Have a great weekend.

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