Below you will find some resources offering valuable information, ideas or services to medical marketers. Some of them I wrote, some are links to websites I think are very helpful or informative. I don’t make anything by listing these resources; none of them are affiliates of mine. They’re just some things you might find helpful in your quest to do your job better.

Best of success!


These are just a few links to some sites with great content and insight into marketing in general, and medical marketing specifically.

  • Social Media Examiner: This is the place to start if you want information on corporate blogging, Facebook company pages, how to use LinkedIn, Twitter tips, YouTube or any other social platform. It’s full of information on best practices, corporate case studies, interviews and pretty much anything you ever wanted to know about social media.
  • Marketing Sherpa: Trends, market research, best practices and case studies for all aspects of marketing. If you want to do your job better, find a new technique or tweak an email headline they probably have some information for you.
  • Content Marketing Institute: This blog gets deep into content marketing; why it works, why companies should do it and the nitty gritty of how to go about thinking like a publisher (educating instead of selling).
  • MassDevice Marketing Mavens Blog: They’re technically focused on New England, but most of the topics they cover can apply to all medical marketing. They have good insight into marketing in the device community.


  • Opportunity is Knocking We are all familiar with what’s going on in the economy these days. Words like “crisis”, “recession” and “unemployment” bombard us constantly. Isn’t it easy to let all the bad news drag us down? But things are never that black-and-white. The reality of the situation is that there are plenty of opportunities for the company that is paying attention. Click Here to Read more...
  • Lead Generating Powerhouses - Are They In Your Marketing Arsenal? Let’s face it, white papers are HOT. For years, they have been the number one lead generation tool used by buyers and their influence shows no sign of abatement even in the face of ever-changing social media trends and digital marketing fads. Today their importance has only strengthened. Why? Click Here to Read more...
  • Let Someone Else Do The Selling You wrote the brochure, posted the white paper and created new copy for the website. Your sales team has talking points and there’s a new ad coming out next month. You have talked your product up one side and down the other. How about giving someone else a chance? Click Here to Read more...