I read an interesting Junta42 blog post yesterday about B2B mobile marketing, highlighting what we as B2B marketers can learn from the B2C forays into this market, as well as a lot of practical tips and ideas on how to apply those lessons as a B2B content marketer.   I highly recommend reading it.

The post had a lot of timely information but one thing particularly struck me: “The mobile universe is already four to five times bigger than the PC universe. Every one of your customers and prospects has a phone in their pocket – and for most of them, it’s a smartphone.”

The size of the mobile universe makes sense of course, but I’d never thought of it in relation to the PC universe. And with how much we all use our smartphones (on the train, at the kids’ soccer game, while we’re watching that annoying reality show with our spouse),  it would be crazy not to try and reach our prospects on them.

Another tidbit from this blog post that it would be wise to keep in mind is this: “In every vertical B2B market, the first brands to get into mobile will get a lot of attention, enjoy high levels of user engagement (if only for the novelty factor) and, most importantly, get a head start in learning about this marketing juggernaut.”

Is the Medical Audience ready for Mobile?

So, is this an opportunity that the medical audience is ready for? Some would say no, that this market is way behind in online and mobile usage. But consider these two statistics I dug up just with a quick Google search on physician mobile usage:

  • Epocrates did a study in August of 2010 of 710 medical students. When asked where they go when they need an answer to a clinical question, for the first time since the survey began five years ago the number one answer was “mobile”. Internet ranked a close second. This from the mouths of the future audience of every medical marketer.
  • Another survey reported in amdnews.com states that physician’s rate of mobile device usage has expanded at a much faster rate than the general population. This same survey ( SDI Mobile and Social Media survey) found that 1/3 of physicians access medical information with a handheld device or smartphone, and generally accessed this information more frequently than PC users.

There is much more information out there, but this got me thinking. If  physicians are using mobile technology (and internet – contrary to popular belief – but that’s a different story), how can medical marketers utilize the mobile universe?

Using Mobile for the Medical Audience

Remember, your mobile marketing focus should be on helping the customer. Give them information they need and applications that will make their lives easier and optimize it all for use on a mobile device.   A (very) brief list of ideas:

Mobile Websites

Mobile devices are not just teeny-weeny PCs. They need a completely different approach. Create a company website presence optimized for the mobile market. Every mobile campaign you do will use this site as it’s anchor.

Webcasts and Video

Visual content must be optimized for viewing on a small screen. But once you have that accomplished the list of possibilities is endless.

  • Training on your latest device or software
  • A quick video covering the more important points of your latest white paper on patient safety as it relates to your product
  • Power point presentations on a survey you did about the cost savings and shorter hospital stays resulting from the use of your technology
  • Tips on using your device
  • Surgery webcasts featuring your device


If you’re a medical software company, create a mobile app that connects physicians to a practice or hospital EMR. Many physicians cannot currently do this with their mobile devices and anything that makes their jobs easier is a step in the right direction.

Content Snippets

Don’t post your latest white paper, but you can and should create mobile-friendly snippets to get your audience interested in reading further. Do the same with blog posts, case studies and any other customer-focused content you have.

Check out the Junta42 blog post mentioned above for more general ideas. Remember, just as with any content, the whole point is to help your customers. They are using mobile technology. If you can give them mobile features that make their professional lives just a little easier, you’ll have gotten their attention. And that’s priceless.

What ideas do you have about how to use mobile technology to market to the medical audience?

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