51J7v2mW33L._SL500_AA300_-150x150I found a new resource for medical marketers last week and purchased it to see if it would be helpful for any of you. Written by Terri Wells – a former medical device marketer herself – as an answer to the lack of medical device marketing-specific literature “out there”,  Medical Device Marketing: Strategies, Gameplans & Resources for Successful Product Management came out in September of 2010 and discusses medical device marketing from a product management standpoint.

Wells states in her book that she wrote it to try and help good candidates in medical marketing positions succeed in a sink-or-swim environment, as over the course of her career she saw many fail due to a lack of training and resources.  I read the book myself last weekend and I think it’s a great resource for new medical device product marketers.

The book covers product management specifically, and touches on all of the specific, medical device-related issues in taking a product from conception to phase-out including regulatory issues and laws, FDA approvals process, what it takes to be a product manager, engaging with other departments within the company as a product manager, financials, working with physicians, and much more.

If you are new to the medical industry, or have an employee or co-worker who is, this book would be worth a read.

It’s available at Amazon.

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