Marketing Sherpa released a new chart detailing the biggest challenges for B2B marketers in 2010 over 2009.  The winners?

  • Generating more high-quality leads
  • Generating more leads
  • Marketing to a longer sales cycle

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Is this holding true for medical marketers as well?

According to an Ernst & Young survey, in 2009 the medical device industry experienced largely flat sales and managed a 10.8% increase in net income only by belt tightening. This is no surprise – most medical marketers, like most B2B marketers, are having to do much more with much less.

How is this manifesting itself in your marketing department?

How are you dealing with the triple-challenge of needing to generate not just more leads, but high-quality leads and deal with a longer sales cycle at the same time? And all with a smaller budget and less staff?

I’ll be creating posts in the next few months about how to deal with just these issues. Stay tuned, and let us know what creative solutions you’re coming up with it right now.

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